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Quantum Energy Healing


Quantum energy healing is founded on the fact that all matter is energy, and the theory that Life-Force energy sustains all living beings. 


By directing Life-Force energy to various parts of the body with loving intent many have experienced seemingly unimaginable relief from pain and illnesses. This wonderful Life-Force energy does not come from me. I personally believe it comes from a Divine Source.


I have witnessed incredible results through this work, both from a remote 

and in-person practise.







I am a certified Quantum Touch and Reiki practitioner, working with clients in the UK and internationally.

I create a safe, non-judgemental space for clients and encourage the body to heal itself naturally.


The beauty of energy healing lies in its versatility. Practitioners have applied it to a very wide range of health conditions and illnesses, to help speed up recovery after surgery, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, reduce stress, and to boost the immune system.


I specialise in applying energy healing to catalyse natural pain reduction, and many of my clients have testified of having a measurable reduction in pain after just one session.

I do highly recommend having a number of sessions (depending on the condition),

in order to fully inspire the body to heal itself and create long lasting relief.


My healing practice is located in Southfields, London, in between Putney and Wimbledon.

I also facilitate distance sessions over video teleconferencing, where you can relax in the comfort of your own home.


Through energy healing I have found an incredible sense of inner peace and joy which I hope to convey to all my clients.




As a professional cellist, I also know that different types of music can be incredibly healing for people from all walks of life. I am passionate about creating music which aids in healing and meditation processes, primarily with my two favourite instruments: the cello and piano. I know first-hand that music can release deep hidden emotions and open our hearts to powerful natural healing possibilities.


My background as a cellist has brought wonderful experiences, including playing around the world with pop stars such as Rhianna, Take That, Russel Watson and

Ellie Goulding , as well as performing for the Queen and Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, Royal Ascot Races, and the Olympics. I also gained a first in

my B.Mus degree in cello performance from the Royal Northern College of Music and a distinction in my post-graduate degree from the Royal Academy of Music.


My personal experience with energy healing


I found energy healing at an extremely challenging time in my life. My child didn't sleep for more than 40 minutes at a time for his first 2 years and I was beyond exhausted. After fruitlessly following all conventional and widely recommended practices (seeing specialist sleep doctors, sleep consultants, and buying numerous gadgets), I was determined to find a way forward. By chance I found an energy healing course and felt inspired to take it, if only to find a deeper sense of calm in a troubling time. What unfolded changed my life forever.

I used the techniques that I learned on the course when I put him to bed the following night. To my utter amazement, he slept through the night for the first time in 2 years!

After a few more short Quantum Touch sessions, he continued to sleep through the night from then on (barring when he was ill).

This miraculous gift prompted me to engage in a dedicated course of studying and practising energy healing techniques.


Additionally, I suffered from lower backache for most of my adult life. I saw physiotherapists, doctors and massage therapists over the years, but nothing helped with the pain for more than a few hours. One day, I attended a distance healing session on a video call with a few other energy healers and we sent energy to each others' backs for just 10 minutes. Exactly 5 days later, the pain left my back and it has not returned. I am completely free from this pain for the first time in years. I am still amazed by this wonderful miracle.


Quantum Touch practitioners find that miracles like this are so common and "normal" that we call them "Normacles"!

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