"I am no longer using a walking stick and have avoided hip surgery after receiving energy healing sessions from Lizzy over the past few months. A miracle!"

"Lizzy did a number of remote healing sessions for me to help with inflammation in my hands and fingers. The pain and swelling improved noticeably over the course of several weeks. Lizzy's ability to positively channel a healing response in my body has been remarkable!"


"I have suffered with horrendous pain at the top of my spine and neck for years. It is now so much better after Lizzy used her Quantum healing on me. I can't thank her enough."


"I had an electric pain in my back for 2 years and it disappeared after Lizzy's distance healing sessions. This is a huge relief for me. After osteopath and massage sessions, Lizzy was the only one who made the pain disappear. I highly recommend Lizzy May for distance healing to reduce pain."



"I recently received quite a severe burn on my fingers, when I pressed down on my hot electric cooker hob by accident. It was extremely painful and I fully expected it to become very swollen and blistered. I then rang Lizzy and she did a 1.5 hour distance healing on my hand straight away.  She asked me what level of pain I was experiencing and I said it was about an 8 out of 10 (ie. 10 being excruciating pain). The next day there was no sign at all of any injury, pain, redness or blistering. This was a huge surprise!

I really believe the distance session accelerated the healing process."



"I was suffering from fairly severe toothache during the lockdown when all dentists were closed. It got to the point where the pain was constant and keeping me awake at night. When the dentists opened I had an x-ray taken and the dentist informed me that it looked like a root canal may be necessary but wouldn't know until they investigated in a follow up appointment two weeks later. After one hour of Lizzy's energy healing, the pain was gone!

 I was astonished and when I went to the dentist to check the tooth, only a minor filling was needed. When you open your mind to the possibilities of this type of healing with Lizzy, amazing things can happen."



"I was suffering considerable pain with Gluteal Tendinopathy in my hips, which limited my ability to move around comfortably. I then received several months of energy healing sessions from Lizzy, both in-person and remotely.

I am now able to walk without a walking stick and have avoided invasive surgery. 

I am free of pain to the extent that I can now go for regular brisk walks for up to an hour's duration."



"I have been in pain for so much of my life. I live in America and after our second session of distance healing I had the most incredible experience. I could feel the energy moving and my body working to heal. My pain has been reduced substantially. I still have a lot of work to do, but Lizzy’s techniques are incredibly healing. If you are skeptical, just give it a chance, truly open your heart to this incredible woman and to healing. Your body knows how to heal itself, we must learn to get out of our own way and with this energy healing you can break through to see and feel results you never knew were possible."



"As a fellow practitioner I appreciate the importance of receiving energy healing sessions from others alongside my own self-healing sessions and am delighted to recommend Lizzy to you. 

 I have had several wonderful distance sessions with Lizzy. In each I immediately felt the warmth of the energy arriving and could feel where it was working and the positive effects. I quickly relaxed very deeply. After the first session I had a night’s sleep of 10 hours and awoke feeling wonderfully refreshed. During our second session I fell asleep and only woke up one hour after it ended, feeling great. Lizzy has a wonderful energy. 

Thank you Lizzy."